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A tale of two lesbians

November 28, 2006

When victimhood is raised to the level of being honorable, then ethically challenged nitwits are likely to decide that inventing a bogus hate crime to support a friend who previously invented a bogus hate crime is an honorable thing to do.

Seriously, it could happen.

In fact, that's what happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on December 4, 2006, when a lesbian named Sarah Kaspereit reported a hate crime attack by two guys in a pickup truck... believe it or not just six days after her friend, a lesbian named Brenda Johnson, said she was attacked by two guys in a pickup truck.

Here is our tale of the tales of two lesbians:

On November 28, Brenda, a lesbian living in Tulsa, dialed her cellphone (supposedly with her tongue while blindfolded and tied to a tree) and told a friend that she had been attacked by two men because of her homosexuality. The friend immediately called Brenda's mother who drove over and untied Brenda and took her to a hospital.

I don't believe that Brenda ever publicly admitted this attack was phony, but the details she provided to the hospital and police were so ridiculous that nobody could take her seriously. She wasn't hurt in any way, her undershirt was used for binding but the attackers were considerate enough to put her overshirts back on for warmth, the attackers supposedly wrote "hellbound" on her chest with her own ink pen, then highlighted a couple of anti-homosexuality passages in her Bible, tore those pages out and left them, then stole the Bible itself and drove away in a pickup truck (of course, since no self-respecting hate crime perpetrator would drive a Toyota Prius). How she found and dialed a cellphone with her tongue (maybe it's a lesbian thing) while blindfolded and gagged and tied to a tree is just one of the mysteries that caused police to decline an investigation and say, "The scene appeared to be staged and the injury self-inflicted.Ē

Gee, ya think?

Maybe her friend Sarah was upset because nobody took Brenda seriously, or maybe they had planned a double bogus hate crime in the first place, or maybe she just felt inspired by Brenda's effort. Who knows? It's best not to delve too deeply into the motivations of nutjobs, just in case their problems are contagious.

In any case, Ms. Kaspereit's story was every bit as stupid and unbelievable as Ms. Johnson's. Again, it was two guys in a pickup (not a Prius), who attacked, jumping her outside her home on December 4 and carving the word "lesbian" into her left forearm... coincidentally the one place it would be easiest for her to carve letters into herself. No other harm was done, her neighbors never heard her screaming or saw a thing, and the two guys supposedly hopped back into their pickup and drove away with nary a worry at all about anybody reporting their license plate number. Which Ms. Kaspereit failed to note, of course.

This time the FBI was called in to help local police investigate, which probably wasn't news that thrilled Sarah Kaspereit. Meanwhile, as you would expect from the Whiny Baby segment of society, the gays and lesbians of Tulsa began staging angry rallies at city hall to protest the hate crime wave (two dubious tales about lesbians and Bible-stealing rednecks in pickup trucks comprising a "wave," apparently) and complain about insufficient efforts by the police.

The victim groups always complain about insufficient efforts by the police. That's one of the job responsibilities for professional victims.

In March Sarah Kaspereit finally admitted publicly that she made the whole thing up, although she posted a message on her MySpace page in January that seemed to let the cat out of the bag: "I saught (sic) and am seeking more help. Thatís why I came forward with the truth in the first place. I know I donít deserve trust from anyone. Iím just trying to figure out who the hell I am."

I can help with you with that, Sarah. I can tell you exactly who you are.


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Posted from Reno, Nevada, USA

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